The difference between GOOD employees and GREAT employees, between AVERAGE performance and HIGH performance, between WINNING and losing, can be summed up in one single word – LEADERSHIP.




“Velocity brings a senior executive perspective that quite frankly pushes our team out of their natural comfort zone while delivering impactful strategies to pursue business with their clients. Our team has told me of the direct impact and personal transformation they have had as a result of the investment in consulting & training. We are all a work in progress. There have been three specific occasions when I have stepped back and brought Velocity into challenging situations to conduct executive training with myself and with specific team members. Each time we met our mission and exceeded expectations. There is no direct recipe for training senior executives but Velocity seems to have a way to get the greatest impact out of each of us, that’s priceless.”
Rolf HOLMAN, Vice President Sales, HP Enterprise Services
“Working with Velocity put us on the path of being a high performing team through improved executive level communications, but most importantly in execution. Having a common view from my direct reports left no stone unturned with regards to expectations and urgency. I was able to increase retention, move others along, reinforce key messages and at the end of the day make my senior leaders more competitive. Our return has been tremendous and the feedback from every single participant has been noteworthy – literally. Our win rates have increased, our deals were better qualified, and our ROI on SG&A increased. I know of 3 opportunities we won due to Velocity, and those deals alone created over a 100:1 ROI – I am confident there were more.”
Andy McCANN, Executive Director and GTM Leader, Dell
“Velocity is doing a great job with our Rapid Leadership Academy training…from our floor team leads all the way up through our executive team.

Velocity quickly adapts their material to the issues that are relevant to our business and uses real life examples from their background to get their point across. The feedback from our attendees has been outstanding.

We have leveraged Velocity’s presentations at The Rapid Group internally to inspire our teams.”

Tom PURSCH, Chief Operating Officer, The Rapid Group
“The single best decision I have ever made as Managing Partner is bringing in Velocity Performance.

I’m serious.

Our firm has grown more in the last 2 years then in the company’s first 28 years.

I took over as the Managing Partner of the firm 2 years ago and without Brendan & Velocity we would not be where we are today.”

Sal MUCCIO, Managing Partner, LitmanGerson Associates
“Because of his engineering expertise and business prowess, we were honored to host Brendan as the Inaugural Distinguished Fellow in the Dartmouth Masters of Engineering Management program. He and Velocity have agreed to come again to share outstanding leadership skills with our engineering students as part of the Leadership Academy for Engineering Managers.. It’s one thing to be in the right place at the right time. It’s quite another to seize the moment. Brendan has done that not just one time, but many times in his exceptional career.”
Benoit CUSHMAN-ROISIN, Director, Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College
“The Velocity Performance presentations on leadership were absolutely wonderful for our student-athletes.

My student-athletes at Miami are still providing me with positive feedback. The Velocity Performance team has a keen understanding of student-athletes and how they think. Brendan and Amanda were able to not only engage them but assist them in creating personal and team leadership plans. We would like to make these programs an annual event.”

Shirelle JACKSON, Director of Student-Athlete Development, University of Miami
“When we first met and you explained how you could partner with us at GM Roth Design Remodeling, I was excited at the prospect of getting new ideas to grow our business. Now that you have worked with us on several occasions, I can see the fruits of our efforts. You worked with us to develop better mission and vision statements that are more indicative of what our team offers our clients. You mentored us to establish a better working environment for our employees while teaching us how to use [employee] skills as an asset for our business. You brought about significant changes in our management team by empowering them to make decisions that benefit the entire organization. The company is now less owner-centric and more reliant on the management team. Brendan, while we still have more to do to reach the goals we established together, we have created a winning and prosperous sales force. We have been able to surround them with a more responsive and cost-effective production team that improves our bottom line result by 10%. Our administrative team is producing valuable reports to help us achieve our revenue goal. The most important thing you did for us was to make us a more customer-centric organization. I can’t thank you enough for all we have learned and are continuing to learn as we go about the process of designing and delivering the highest quality, highest value remodeling projects.”
Gerry ROTH, President, GM Roth
“We are a multi-generational family-owned manufacturing company. When I took over as President, I recognized that our culture and best practices that made our company so great through the 1990’s and 2000’s needed to change if we’re going to remain just as great in today’s globally competitive market. Velocity Performance is working with me and my entire Senior and Junior management teams to align our company’s Values, Vision, and Leadership skills, and position us for growth in the next 10 years.”
Dan Villemaire, President, C&M Machine Products
“Last year, I saw a night and day transformation with my floor team leads. I was very impressed with their progress as none of them had any experience or direction in leading a team. The proof is in our results and our company in much stronger for it. So far this year, I have seen another type of transformation. I am noticing a more active role with my Emerging Leaders. They have become more active in wanting to move up. I have had multiple requests and successful meetings on succession plans, defining roles and future plans outlining paths for them to take.”
David Puleo, Operations Manager, RAPID